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High Voltage

We supply the following range of Products and Services in Mozambique, which are all warranted:

High Voltage Equipment

We provide extensive site erection services, testing and commissioning for all our equipment as well as stringing, cabling and aluminium busbar services.  We provide life-cycle support for all our equipment including spare parts, maintenance, and customer technical support, training and fault-finding.

  • 11 – 800kV AIS Live and Dead Tank Circuit Breakers

  • Hybrid Compact Switchgear up to 132kV

  • Gas Insulated Switchgear up to 800kV

  • 25kV AC Single & Two Pole Dead Tank Vacuum Circuit Breakers

  • 11 – 800kV AIS Disconnectors

  • 11 – 800kV Earth Switches

  • 11 – 33kV Kiosk Type SF6 Circuit Breakers

  • 11 – 33kV AIS Vacuum Circuit Breakers

  • 33kV indoor switchboards type DNF7 up to 2500 amp

  • Point on wave switching relays for capacitor and reactor switching

  • 11 – 800kV Oil & Gas Filled Instrument Transformers

  • 6.6 – 33kV Metering Transformers

  • Single Phase Voltage Regulators, 2,5 to 19,9kV, 38 – 333kVA

  • Air Core Dry Type Line Traps up to 800kV

  • Air Core Reactors

  • Power Factor Correction Equipment

  • High Voltage Capacitor Units

  • Substation Stack Rack & Pole Top Equipment

  • Low Voltage Power Factor Correction and Harmonic Filters

  • Metal Enclosed & Harmonic Filters

  • Industrial Capacitors

  • 5kV to 36kV Distribution Class and 5kV up to 800kV station class arresters

  • Isolated Phase Busbars up to 36kV, 53000A

Medium Voltage Equipment
  • MV Switchgear for medium voltage (MV) electricity distribution.

  • WPI Power Solutions, the maintenance department of MV Switchgear provides repair and maintenance of electrical networks.

    Supply of protection and metering solutions for the electrical industry. ACTOM P&C provides a comprehensive range of Protection Relays, Credit Meters, AMR Systems, Protection and Metering Schemes as well as LV Panels and accessories.

    Current Electric, manufacture and supply of Current and Voltage Transformers. The product range comprises of Current Transformers up to 33kV and Voltage Transformers up to 22kV for use in medium voltage reticulation products.

Power Transformers

The supply of ACTOM Power transformers from 16kVA up to and including 315MVA with voltages up to 300kV. These transformers will be supplied to electricity distribution utilities, the mining sector, industrial plants, public works authorities and turnkey contractors. The power transformers are mostly of the step-down type, equipped with on-load tap changers, either naturally cooled or, for larger units, incorporating forced oil and air-cooling. The basic units are of three-phase, three-limb construction, comprising fully mitred low-loss cores of the boltless type with disc HV and helical or disc LV and tapping windings.

Power Transformers
Medium Voltage
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